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Ebay Coin Buying Spree!!!

January 27, 2011 by admin  
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This is a video on the coins i bought on eBay recently Hope you like it. (and subscribe)
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Brian explaining a few components in coin collecting.


11 Responses to “Ebay Coin Buying Spree!!!”
  1. talentedguy0 says:

    case the trade dollar geez if u want a DECENT collection case your coins. That is more like vg.

  2. talentedguy0 says:

    case the trade dollar geez if u want a DECENT collection case your coins.

  3. Numismaster9000 says:

    @rainbowcoins1 actually i got it for $129.00 which is a reasonable price to me but as you said i probably should get it checked out…i made sure i was buying from a reputable dealer that has gotten 100% positive feedback in the past but just in case i’m going to be going to a coin shop soon to check it thanks!

  4. rainbowcoins1 says:

    At the low price and the colors (to me) just means you really need to get it checked out. The trade dollar is one of the most counterfeited coins out there. The colors alone shows inconsistency in the metal content. Your best bet is to take it to a authorized dealer and get it checked out. Or weigh it and measure it your self.

  5. AndrejBk says:

    nice trade dollar

  6. Numismaster9000 says:

    @planbskater0822 appreciate you watchin. and i skate a little bit and the only skate company i ever use is plan b. glad we could find some common ground! lol

  7. planbskater0822 says:

    I remember your first coulple of videos I watched I had a better collection than you then now you a way better collection than me also i ‘ ll being putting my coin collection up some by the way nice trade dollar :)

  8. MrMrtiki says:

    Awsome coin collection , What is a 1921 S morgan going for now have`nt heard lately.

  9. shanegalang2 says:

    I too am a collector. I subscribed. Nice trade dollar! Congrats.

  10. thetreasurehunter21 says:


  11. Numismaster9000 says:

    @MUDSWAT oh ya and by the way i got it for 129.00

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