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Antique Tips– Free Related Guide For pricing antiques

January 22, 2011 by admin  
Filed under Videos About Collecting In strict antique-speak, an antique is any collectible item that is seventy to one-hundred years older. Newer items may be quite valuable; if you actually know how to percentage them. In everyone instances, a collectible item has value if an individual, somewhere, wishes to buy it. Simply don’t forget: “One man’s trash is an alternative man’s treasure”.
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5 Responses to “Antique Tips– Free Related Guide For pricing antiques”
  1. TommyWylie says:

    Funny you should mention Gustav Becker, I was browsing through Whittington chimes here on Youtube yesterday and I came across a Gustav Becker clock with the exact same chimes.

  2. SrWilson3s says:

    I assure you it is =) infact some Gustav becker clocks do this version of whittington too.

  3. TommyWylie says:

    Are you sure it’s a German version? I have owned clocks by Haller and HAC with Whittington chimes and this sounds very different. It sounds a bit more like St. Michael.

    I once owned a J.W. Benson mantel clock with Westminster, Whittington, and Winchester chimes, but I had to sell it due to financial problems. It was the only clock I ever owned with a “Whittington” chime different from my Haller, HAC, and Smiths examples. I wish I’d made a recording of it but it was rather erratic and jerky.

  4. SrWilson3s says:

    Yes it is! The German Variation!

  5. TommyWylie says:

    That’s not Whittington chimes.

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