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Soft pine or sturdy oak furniture for elegance

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The use of pinewood for furniture making is done because it can be shaped easily into a variety of styles. It can be engraved too because of the soft nature of the wood. The treatment for the wood should be done properly so that it does not warp or split at a later day. Pine wood has a tendency to warp or split when exposed to high temperature differences. Care should be taken while buying and find out if the wood was kiln dried. Pine furniture should be varnished or waxed to avoid scratch marks. Pine wood is mostly used for dining tables, bedroom sets and many other fixtures. Pine wood comes in diverse colors, texture and grains therefore within the category of pine wood furniture there is lot of variation. The age of the tree determines the color of the wood that it would produce. Pine furniture adds class and sophistication to any room and does not give a heavy look. One can buy country pine to have a rustic look. Antiques can be used in its unfinished state.

Another flattering choice is oak furniture for the house or office. It is hard wood which is very durable and sturdy in nature and has a very classic look. The demand has been increasing over the years for oak wood. Though it is hard, it can be shaped into any desirable angle. The innumerable models of oak-furniture in vogue include Contemporary, Rustic and Classic. The latest craze is hand made ranch oak bedstead. The wood contains tannin in high quantities which makes it fungus and insect proof. Oak wood is best used to create curved surfaces. The growth of the tree is helpful to make these surfaces as it does not grow tall and has hanging branches. For rough use, it is best to select the oak wood. Bedside chests, dressing tables, wardrobes and cabinets, the whole room set can be made from oak tree.

The bedroom furniture has to meet the user’s ideas. People like to design their bed rooms in a style which is peculiar to them. The wood that they wish to use depends on the taste and class of the person. To have a good night’s rest people have different requirements. After a long day at work the thought of the bed should grant a relaxing and a heavenly feeling. As the bed is the most important article of the bedroom all the others should be in sync with it like the bedside chests night lamp stand and the dressing table chairs which are the ones that are seen in a bed room. Any bed room should have furnishings as per the space and necessity. The choice is of the type of wood and its color as well. There are people who cannot tolerate dark color in their bedrooms.

The bedroom furniture should be chosenfromthe hodgepodgewith utter care. The wood, color and style are to be decided in advance to avoid confusion and waste of money.  The bed room should reflect the character of the person and not that of the designer.
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