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Look Online For Antique Wood Flooring And Reclaimed Paneling Options

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by sailorwind

Cut from reclaimed joists, timbers, and decking, antique wood flooring comes with several inherent advantages over green flooring. Besides being an environmentally friendly option, antique wood flooring is more beautiful and stable compared to traditional wood flooring. Reclaimed from the 19th century warehouses, mills, factories, barns, grain elevators, and wooden dams across the United States, the reclaimed flooring is durable and robust.

Not only that, but the flooring is now very much affordable also. There are various online reclaimed wood vendors that let you choose from a rich variety of reclaimed wood species at incredibly low prices. The foremost reason of offering low prices yet high quality woods is that these online resources save from setting up retail facility or hiring extensive staff. The savings are thus passed on to the customers in the form of huge discounts.

The wooden species you can choose from include Antique Oak, Heart Pine, Elm, Hickory, Maple, Douglas Fir, and more. Furthermore, if you are on the lookout of a particular species of wood or look that you need for your flooring, you can always seek help from these vendors in obtaining both.

Besides flooring, these vendors also make reclaimed wood paneling, furniture, and woods for other architectural details readily available to customers. If you wish to add unique character to rustic, contemporary or traditional settings, reclaimed wood paneling and flooring is the best way to do so. You have various paneling options including the tongue & groove, straight edge, and shiplap.

Many of these vendors also offer unique mill direct facility wherein you can get your desired products shipped right from their saw mills, demolition sites, and factories.

Besides just providing you with their products and services, these online vendors help you throughout the process of decision making. All you need to do is just email them about the products you are interested in. Placing an order is also easy and you can expect the ordered products to be delivered in least possible time as most of these vendors keep shipping internationally on regular basis. Whether you need antique wood flooring or reclaimed wood paneling all you need to do is just look online. is a trusted name in high quality reclaimed wood, cypress lumber, Antique wood flooring, reclaimed lumber, heart pine reclaimed wood paneling and a wide range of reclaimed wood furniture.

Article from Р Antique American Art Deco ebonized wood floor lamp with round chrome base and trim (Art Deco, American, lighting, floor lamp/torch̬re, ebonized) (Newel Art and Antiques, New York City)

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